Cedar Shelf set, bark on / Set of 3

$ 135.00

rustic modern cedar shelves with bark on rustic modern cedar shelves with bark rustic cedar shelves with bark modern rustic cedar shelves with bark rustic cedar shelves with bark

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cedar shelf set, barkrustic modern, cedar shelf set, barkThese shelves are absolutely beautiful. This cedar shelf set, bark on, is a perfect mixture of rustic and modern. The highly polished cedar makes up three sides of these shelves. On the remaining side is actual cedar branches, with the bark left on.

cedar shelf set, bark handcraftedThese shelves come equipped with saw tooth hangers attached. The depth of the shelves is approximately 4 inches. The small shelves are about 12 1/2 inches by 11 inches and the large shelf is about 36 inches by 11 inches.rustic, cedar shelf set, bark


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