Cedar Sign Christian Based, As for me…

$ 34.00


cedar sign christianCedar sign Christian Based, As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. A beautiful, shiny, polished, red cedar sign.

One of our many popular cedar signs, our biblically based cedar sign makes a beautiful and charming addition to your wall décor.

Two Oaks Farmstead creates a great deal of cedar signs for our customers. We offer a range of standard designs that are so often asked for, however, we also do a great deal of custom work with our signs as well.

None of our signs are or ever will be the exact same. The beauty of natural wood is the fact that nature is never the same anywhere. We offer sizes from Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and we do our absolute best to choose the best pieces of wood and the most beautiful grains for use in our signs. These signs will make a lovely addition to any décor, they also make wonderful gifts.

All of our cedar signs are sanded, coated and polished to a shiny perfection. Our signs also arrive with hardware already attached to make hanging much easier.


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