Large Hidden Gun Storage Mirror

$ 279.00


Large Hidden Gun Storage Mirror

One of the best ways to hide your valuables is by hiding them in plain sight. Our newest design, the large hidden gun storage mirror, can help you accomplish this. At any given moment, to anyone in your home, it simply looks like a beautiful mirror hanging on your wall; nothing special about that, right? However, this particular mirror, can hide and lock away your guns or other valuables. This item is quickly becoming one of the most sought after investment in home furnishings.

This mirror is designed specifically to fit in between standard studs in your wall and he installation is quite simple. You simply cut away the sheet rock between studs, position the mirror flush with the surrounding sheetrock and attach to the studs. The mirrors come predrilled for easy installation, along with instructions.


Similarly to our coffee and end table hidden gun storage, these mirrors are equipped with a magnetic locking mechanism and a hidden key.

We offer two sizes, a full length mirror (approximately 14 3/8″ wide and 52″ tall) and a short version (approximately 14 3/8″ wide and 19″ tall) as well. The full length mirror is sized to fit long guns and, the short version, with a shelf in the middle, is perfect for concealing handguns, or jewelry even.

The mirrors shown are in red cedar, however, we also offer them in hickory and oak.

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Additional information

Weight 28 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 20 × 56 in
Full length

Full length mirror, sized to conceal long guns and fit between studs.


Standard size mirror, sized to conceal handguns.


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