Pier, Biscayne Bay, Oil Painting, Plein Air, Impressionist, Vibrant Light, 16 x 20


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Pier, Biscayne Bay

Impressionist, Plein Air

Oil on Canvas, 16 x 20

Pier, Biscayne Bay – This scene is one I came upon at Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. The strong diagonals draw the eye in with excitement and tension, while at the same time, the soothing colors are extremely calming.

About the Artist

The Process

My range of styles is as different as each of my individual paintings. The look and feel of my paintings isn’t determined by a particular style. It is fully determined by my mood, my state of mind, my feelings about the subject and so many other criteria. I work in oils, acrylics, some watercolors and occasionally, whatever happens to be within reach.

When I create a painting, I like to look at my subject from various angles and perspectives, get a feel for my subject beyond what is physically there at first sight. I then quickly transfer all of the to the canvas. Details, if necessary, can be added more slowly and carefully, however, in my opinion, the initial brushstrokes completely define the painting and set the style.

In the Artist’s Words

“The beauty in a piece of art, as with anything, lies in the viewer’s interpretation. I can explain my motivation for painting; what I was trying to capture in each piece. I can explain that there is a reason for and a meaning behind every aspect of the content and composition in each of my paintings, but, none of this matter’s. None of this makes a difference in the viewer’s perspective. Viewers of my work may see something entirely different in my work than I do. To me, it’s not ‘what’ they see, but ‘that’ they see.”

Pier, Biscayne Bay by Amy Bell

Sides are not painted, will need a frame.

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