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Two Oaks Farmstead Publishing is pleased to present its latest collection of books. Our books will encompass a range of genres, from fiction to non-fiction. With a commitment to quality and captivating storytelling, Two Oaks Farmstead Books aims to provide readers with an enriching literary experience. Discover our collection today and embark on a journey through the written word.

Fiction Books

Romantic Suspense

Two Oaks Farmstead Publishing is thrilled to announce the addition of the Romantic Suspense Genre to our lineup. Introducing “Once Captured” by the Amy Stewart Bell. This gripping tale will keep readers on the edge of their seats, blending romance and suspense seamlessly. Immerse yourself in this captivating narrative and experience the thrill of love and danger intertwined. Be on the lookout for the next book in that series, ‘Uncharted Captivity’. The Captive Series of Romantic Suspense Books will prove to be a thrilling a ‘captivating’ choice!

Once Captured

Counterterrorism Operative, Lorelei Owens, is hot on the trail of the Russian thug who held her captive 2 years ago. The 2 weeks that bastard held her in that dungeon still haunts her to this day. She now finds herself forced to reenter the lion’s den in an effort to put him out of business for good.

With new intel that Dimitri Rostova has reemerged and is planning a major attack, Agent Nate Akins finds himself compelled, by necessity, to work with a woman who doesn’t trust him, to take down a madman. This woman, Lorelei Owens, is nothing like his vision of what a woman should be. She is tough as nails, willing to go as far as she has to go to get the job done.

Unexpected intelligence of who is truly behind the plot changes their course and takes both of them through twists and turns in an effort to save countless civilian lives… and maybe save each other in the process.

Non-Fiction Books

Homesteading and Gardening

Becoming Self-Sufficient: Steps You Can Take Today to Ensure Your Family’s Survival in an Uncertain Time

So many people across the world are looking more seriously toward the very real possibility of self-sufficiency, especially in difficult economic times. However, for many, it is a dream they feel ill-equipped to realize because they are not sure where to begin.

We have your starting point.

Filled with important information, steps to take to begin your adventure, skills that you will need, and legitimate ways to flourish, this book is not merely informational, it is also a personal workbook.

Becoming Self-Sufficient is set up in such a way that will help you pinpoint where you are, determine where you are headed, define the appropriate tools and skills that you will need and assist you in setting your goals and creating your plan.

If you long for a more self-sufficient life for your family, then ‘Becoming Self-Sufficient’ is the map that you need for this journey into your future.

Filled with important information, steps to take to begin your adventure, skills that you will need, and legitimate ways to flourish, this book is not merely informational, it is also a personal workbook. It is set up in such a way that will help you pinpoint where you are, determine where you are headed, define the appropriate tools and skills that you will need and assist you in setting your goals and creating your plan.

If you long for a more self-sufficient life for your family, then ‘Becoming Self-Sufficient’ is the map that you need for this journey into your future.

Planning Your Best Garden: Planner, Workbook, Logbook & Journal

Anyone can put seeds in the ground, but if you want to create a spectacular garden, then you need to plan it out. Planning Your Best Garden is exactly the right tool for the job.

The best measure that you can take to ensure a fantastic gardening season is to begin with a solid planning effort. Proper planning is an essential element of success and part of that, is having the right tools available to you.

Planning Your Best Garden is the tool that you need. This indispensable planner is a fundamental building block of a successful gardening season. It will assist you in implementing all of the critical elements that go into creating a spectacular garden.

Included, is a year-long monthly calendar (undated) as well as weekly planners to make your efforts as easy as possible. Also included are all of the various trackers that will keep you on top of everything from planting schedules to layouts to expenses.

There is also a gardening journal so that you can keep all of your gardening thoughts, ideas and inspirations from this year together in one spot for easy reference during future planning.

Go through all the steps from beginning to end, from Goal Setting, to Design Planning, to Tracking and Journaling. Utilize all of the detailed trackers and planners within this comprehensive workbook to log the important details.

Save time by keeping track of your schedule with our monthly and weekly planner pages. Jot down your efforts and how you feel about the direction of your garden in our journaling pages.

You can’t go wrong, with the right tools!

More Personal Books for You; A Variety of Journals

My Travel Journal; Tales of My Adventures

This beautiful travel journal is the perfect place to record all the details of your adventures. At your fingertips, you will have areas to document the specifics of your itinerary and lodging as well as areas for recording all of the sights and activities that fill your days. You will also find a travel budget sheet to help you keep track of your expenses and places for doodling, brainstorming, and recording all of the wonders you find in your travels.

My Prayer Journal

Introducing My Prayer Journal, your faithful companion for recording your prayer requests and praises. Measuring at a convenient 6″x 9″, this compact journal is designed to be by your side whenever you need it.

With its dedicated pages, you can easily jot down your heartfelt prayers, keeping them organized and easily accessible.

Let this journal be a source of inspiration and reflection as you witness the power of prayer in your life.

Welcome to the beginning of your health and fitness journey! Introducing My Health and Fitness Tracker, your all-in-one companion on your journey to wellness. This journal/tracker goes beyond traditional fitness trackers by allowing you to monitor all aspects of your physical fitness growth.

From self-care to sleep quality, and mood tracking to weight loss goals, these trackers have got you covered. Say goodbye to scattered notebooks and hello to a streamlined experience with our comprehensive weekly workout planners and logs and monthly check-ins for tracking your ongoing results. It also offers some suggested exercises to start your journey, helping you achieve your fitness dreams.

But that’s not all! Our calorie tracker will help you stay on top of your nutrition goals, while the monthly ongoing results tracker will keep you motivated as you witness your progress firsthand.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle today with My Health and Fitness Tracker – it’s time to take control of your well-being like never before!

Tree of Life Journal, Diary, Inspirational Quotes, 115 week Journal

Unlock the power of self-reflection with our Tree of Life themed journal. This beautifully crafted diary will accompany you on a transformative 115-week journey, guiding you through moments of deep introspection and personal growth.

With inspirational quotes thoughtfully sprinkled throughout its pages, every entry becomes a source of motivation and inspiration. Embrace the wisdom of nature and let your inner thoughts flourish within the pages of this extraordinary journal.

Butterfly Theme Journal, Diary, 104 Weeks, Inspirational Quotes

Capture every flutter of your imagination with our enchanting butterfly-themed journal! This stunning diary is more than just a place to write; it’s a gateway to your innermost thoughts and feelings.

With its delicate design and inspirational quotes sprinkled throughout, this journal will inspire you to spread your wings and embrace your true self. Unleash the magic within and let your words take flight on the pages of this beautiful journal.

Self Care Journal, Three Month Journey to the Real You

Unlock the power within you with our Self Care Journal. This transformative three-month journey is your personal roadmap to self-discovery and nurturing your true self. Dive deep into thought-provoking questions that will unveil your inner strengths and worth.

Experience the joy of gratitude and spread kindness through our specially crafted challenges. Let the inspiring quotes on self-care remind you that you deserve love, care, and fulfillment.

Elevate your well-being, embrace self-discovery, and embark on a beautiful journey of personal growth with our Self-Care Journal today.

Podcast Episode Planner, Podcast Planner Journal: All of the important details in one place

With the Podcast Episode Planner, you will have what you need to plan your next 100 episodes. Plan and keep track of all the important details like guests, features, running order with time stamps, music, and talking points, plus a sheet to plan interview questions for every episode.

The Podcast Episode Planner also offers places to record contests, winners, and sponsors. All this information will be at your fingertips in one place, within the covers of this handy 6×9 planner.

My Thoughts Journal, Beautiful Vintage Aesthetic, Journal for Women, Girls

Unlock the power of self-reflection with our ‘My Thoughts’ vintage-themed journal. This beautiful 115-week companion is your perfect partner on your journey of self-discovery. Let its timeless charm inspire you to write down your deepest thoughts, dreams, and aspirations.

Cherish each page as you embark on a transformative adventure, capturing precious moments and creating a legacy of your personal growth. Start writing your story today with our enchanting journal and watch as it becomes a cherished keepsake for generations to come.

Guitar Tab Notebook, Guitar tab Journal: For when the Music Flows

Calling all musicians and songwriters! Introducing the Guitar Tab Journal, your ultimate companion for capturing those moments of musical brilliance. Measuring at a convenient 6″x 9″, this journal is perfectly sized to have on hand whenever inspiration strikes.

Never again will you have to rely on memory alone to remember those complex chords and melodies. With our Guitar Tab Journal, you can confidently write down every note, every strum, and every lyric that comes to mind.

Don’t let your musical genius go to waste – grab your Guitar Tab Journal today and let the music flow!


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