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Handcrafted Furniture; What Makes it Better

Furniture is Everywhere

Everyone buys furniture. Everyone uses furniture. And furniture is everywhere. Literally. You can find some sort of furniture at just about any kind of store. So, what makes handcrafted furniture worth the purchase?

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I remember, having recently graduated from high school (a loooong time ago), my best friend and I rented our first apartment. We each had a little bed plus a couple of lawn chairs and some odd and end pieces that we had talked family members out of. …we’ve sure come a long way since then.

Furniture is more than just a necessary and utilitarian item in the house. Furniture also makes a statement about you and your home; about your likes and dislikes, about your tastes and your style. With all of that at stake, it may be worth it to take a moment and consider the best qualities to look for in furniture.

What to Look for in Handcrafted Furniture

1. Quality Supplies

Handcrafted furniture is made by a person; an individual. Created by an artist who has the ability to choose the perfect piece of wood and manipulate it into something beautiful and functional. When you purchase a piece of handcrafted furniture, there are several things that you can be sure of, one of which is the fact that the craftsman is going to personally choose the best piece of wood possible in order to lead to the best possible creation. If you purchase a mass produced piece of furniture, a purchasing/ordering staff member chose the supplies by the truckload, based on profit margin; not based on strength and durability.

2. Time and Attention to Detail

A craftsman takes their time to ensure that each element of the piece is carefully and perfectly constructed. After all, it bears the craftsman’s name. Plus, each individual piece is like an artistic creation to the craftsman. Individual production time can be a little longer versus mass produced furniture. However, the attention to detail with handcrafted furniture makes up for the additional time.

3. Customization

handcrafted furniture hidden gun storage, red cedar end table
Mass produced furniture cannot be customized…because it is mass produced. Thousands of coffee tables being put together on an assembly line are all the same. One very specific benefit of buying handcrafted furniture from an individual craftsman is the fact that it can be built to fit your specific needs. At Two Oaks Farmstead, we do a great deal of custom work. We offer furniture that is built to industry norms but those norms don’t fit all homes or all people. For example, we have had many customers want us to create our hidden gun storage furniture to fit their specific needs; generally larger, to fit more guns. However, finish and style are also concerns that we can address for our customers.

4. Longevity

When you purchase handcrafted furniture from a quality craftsman, you can be assured that your purchase will be long lived. From quality materials to skilled construction methods, handcrafted furniture is built to last.

Choose what is right for you

There are so many different elements to consider when looking to purchase a piece of furniture for your home. Dimensions, style and finish, quality hardware and skilled construction are a few of the biggest concerns to ponder. You could spend hours, days or even longer searching furniture stores, catalogs or the internet looking for something to fit all of your needs; or you could speak personally with a craftsman who will listen carefully to your specific requests and work diligently to meet your needs.

If you are looking for a particular piece of furniture for your home, or a room full of matching pieces, contact Two Oaks Farmstead today. We can customize any of our designs to fit your needs, or we can design something to your specifications.

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